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Saudi youth on mission to clean up Red Sea
Date: 10-05-2018

Three Saudi youth initiatives have raised awareness of the problem by marking Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, and highlighting crucial environmental issues such as the effect of plastic particles on marine life, especially in the Red Sea around Jeddah. The three initiatives are Global Shapers-Jeddah Hub, Naqaa Sustainability Solutions and Greenzie.

Global Shapers, in cooperation with Greenzie, have organized a workshop to present the efforts of Saudi youths to keep the Red Sea coral reefs safe and to protect marine life. The theme of the workshop, “The Land Beneath Our Red Sea,” — held recently at The Spot in Jeddah — a workspace that allows freelancers and entrepreneurs to evolve their business ideas by providing them with an environment which is motivating and creative.

The workshop included four speakers: Muna Othman, social entrepreneur, Nouf Alosaim, first Saudi female Scuba diver instructor, Captin Rebhi Skaik, who has a Guinness record for holding the largest flag unfurled underwater, and Abdulrahman Saati, master scuba diver. Nouf Alosaim said, “During one of my scuba diving trips to clean the polluted Red Sea I was shocked at what I saw as it was a totally different world where the reef was full of wires and ropes. One human touch for coral reefs and it will turn to a dead white rock, we need to intensify teamwork in this regard to have healthier marine life.” 

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