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Enova and Inmaquip join forces to better satisfy the needs of Middle East’s airports and travelers alike
Date: 10-05-2018

Enova, the Middle East’s leading Energy & Facilities Management specialist, and Inmaquip, one of the world’s largest aviation engineering solution provider of airport equipment, installation and maintenance, have joined forces and are now presenting an unrivaled holistic offer to the Middle East’s region airports, with a strong focus on passenger well-being.

The companies, which participated jointly at the Dubai Airport Show, have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to combine their complementary expertise in facilities management, operations & maintenance services, and energy management. This partnership allows to meet all airport needs at once, from increased service efficiency and management of specialized airport systems to enhanced passenger comfort and safety.

“Passenger experience defines the quality of airport operations, making it a key priority for us together with increased efficiency and a reduction of utilities cost. Staying true to our vision of servicing our customers’ customers, Enova has, for a long time, been delivering high-end Energy & Facilities Management services to airports across the Middle East, so travelers can experience the utmost comfort, efficiency, and safety,” said Anne Le Guennec, CEO of Enova.

Enova is a long-standing regional expert in airport maintenance services, with bases in the Gulf, Levant, and North Africa. Because not all airports have the same needs, Enova has developed MOOVE, a range of offers that guarantees strong and immediate results.

Enhancing comfort, design, and sustainability, this ‘one-stop shop’, tailor-made package for the transportation industry boosts efficiency and guarantees performance of all managed assets, resulting in cost reductions, while simultaneously increasing passenger comfort and allowing the clients to focus on their core business.


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