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Beach clean-up organised by MCBS, Muscat Municipality
Date: 14-05-2018
A beach clean-up was organised by the Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) in collaboration with Muscat Municipality at Ghubra Beach. 
An initiative by the Environment Club of MCBS, the beach clean-up saw an overwhelming response from the students and faculty. “It is our responsibility to take care of our Environment. One does not need to be an expert to save the planet. Everybody can contribute their bit by recycling and taking responsibility for their own waste,” said a club member.
The cleaning campaign started at around 7am and went on till 9am. The volunteers were provided with hand gloves, caps and garbage collection bags and other equipment. The huge pile of collected garbage was disposed in collaboration with the Muscat Municipality. MCBS, the sultanate’s leading provider of quality higher education in association with international universities, has been active in the field of social responsibility,with several successful community development and support projects implemented over the years.
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