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Dubai Municipality launches eco-friendly shopping bags
Date: 21-06-2018
Dubai Municipality has launched a new awareness initiative, which will see 6,000 eco-friendly bags distributed at LuLu
Hypermarket in Al Barsha. The awareness initiative called, “shop smartly and reduce your waste” is being implemented by the Waste Management Department of the municipality and will include prizes for shoppers. 
In collaboration with the LuLu Hypermarket, Al Barsha, the municipality is carrying out the “green cashier” programme, through which two cashiers will promote use of sustainable bags and shoppers who use these bags will be awarded prizes at the end of Ramadan. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department and Head of the Sustainable Waste Management Awareness Team at Dubai Municipality, said that through this initiative, the community will be made aware of the importance of smart shopping, which produces less waste by following a number of sustainable ideas and practices. “In addition, there will be field awareness events in the commercial centres in cooperation with our strategic partners to educate shoppers about the harmful effects of plastic bags and encourage them to use reusable bags,” Saifaie said.
The initiative aims to educate shoppers about the importance of reducing the waste by following a number of sustainable environmental means and ideas which include the use of paper bags and multi-use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, reuse of household items, purchase of basic materials and not luxuries, and contribute to the separation of household waste.
Social media platforms will also be used to promote the culture of waste reduction by following sustainable environmental practices while shopping. “We seek to ensure that everyone is committed to the society to take responsibility for waste minimisation in order to achieve sustainable development goals,” he said.
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