Date: 15-10-2018
Cleaning companies are constantly challenged with the need to increase their output in terms of productivity, efficiency and a job well done. What are the components that ensure that cleaning companies drive better results? Does it depend on the nationality of the staff employed to execute the job? Does it depend on the salary they are paid? Has it got to do with motivating employees or how many sick days they take? Or, does the government ensure that there are reduced challenges in the labour market in order for companies to have adequate people at hand at any time? Maybe none of these! 

Earlier, a cleaning company could get away with anything as long as the client was happy. This has changed today with contractors started to cash in by offering cleaning per square meter at an hourly rate rather than providing an x-number of cleaning personnel to clean a certain area (a lot of clients had started to distrust contractors as in the earlier trend, it was not clear how many staff were being send to clean the area).
Soon cleaning companies also started to make use of the technological development in recent years. Now the client buys results rather than hours or manpower. Apps developed for the cleaning industry can assist in drawing out an optimum plan, that suggests which cleaning task needs to be addressed and at what level in order to maintain an area at any given time. While not many clients are buying into this system as yet, the interest is there. This also results into paying a fair price for a job well done.

Output is the key

Result-driven cleaning is particularly important when the output is measured. Time is one of the most important components when being result driven; cost is another one, which inevitably is associated with time itself. For hospitals, public washrooms and even hotels, it is important that cleaning bring a desired result in terms of low bacteria count. In general, marble floors need to have a certain gloss; again cleaning and maintenance in this case is result driven, as the intensity of the light reflected brings out the gloss of your marble. Marble that does not reflect light is a dull marble. In all, every cleaning task is measureable and therefore result driven.

In order to achieve better results in lesser time, we need to ensure that we evaluate the training we give to our employees, choose the right machines to perform the work, select the best cleaning materials that assist in achieving the desired results and make use of the new technologies available in the market.

About the Author: Tatjana Ahmed is the Chairwoman of the UAE Professional Housekeepers’ Group. She is also the Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt Dubai and a Functional Specialist with the group.