Henkel uses recycled plastic bottles for laundry and cleaning products
Date: 15-10-2018

German chemical and consumer goods company Henkel has used recycled plastic in 25,000 bottles for laundry and cleaning products. The company’s laundry and home care packaging development team used plastic waste, Social Plastic, collected as part of its partnership with social enterprise Plastic Bank.

Henkel laundry care Packaging Manager Vineet Varman said, “We are very pleased with the initial pilot projects of integrating Social Plastic in our packaging. “The packaging fulfilled all quality criteria and thus, the products successfully entered the market. We want to include even more Social Plastic in our product packaging in the future.” 

Under the partnership Plastic Bank, Henkel established and opened three plastic collection centres in Haiti this year. The company collects the plastic waste in exchange for money, goods, or services. It is then sorted, processed and then integrated into recycling value chains as Social Plastic.

Henkel also announced its plans to promote sustainable development through specific initiatives for the three key phases of its value chain such as sourcing materials from sustainable sources, smart packaging design and closing the loop. The company has also committed to producing 100 per cent of its packaging products from recyclable, reusable or compostable materials, as well as use 35 per cent recycled plastic for its consumer goods products in Europe by 2025.

Source: Packaging Gateway


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