Singapore incentivises businesses to use smart cleaning solutions
Date: 15-10-2018
Building owners and businesses in Singapore are being offered a grant to persuade them to use tools and technologies that mechanise the tasks of cleaning and waste management.

The sum of $30 million is being put aside for companies to tap into in order to offset the costs of autonomous floor cleaners and smart litter bins. The offer of a grant aims to encourage business and premises owners to adopt technologies that will increase operational efficiency as part of efforts to make the industry manpower-lean. Smart litter bins with built-in compactors are capable of handling around five times the rubbish as a regular bin of a similar size.

The productivity solutions grant for the environmental services industry was launched by Senior Minister of state for the environment and water resources Amy Khor. The money will be available until Jan 31, 2020.

As demand for environmental services continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the required number of workers due to the country's manpower constraints, said Khor. She claims that the average age of cleaning workers in Singapore is 60 and adds that rather than replacing older workers, technology can help to make their jobs less physically challenging. "Repetitive and laborious tasks can be reduced using automation - and workers can then focus on higher value-added jobs," she said.

Source: European Cleaning Journal


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