Belhasa Biotek Solutions introduces BioPac chemical range at the MECTW 2018 show
Date: 13-12-2018

Belhasa Biotek Solutions has introduced the BioPac chemical range specially meant for small and multi-outlets restaurants and coffee shops where the use of big quantities of chemicals or the storage of larger packs is a challenge. This solution is also suitable for facility management companies as it is very economical, allows better control over chemical usage and prompt dosing every time.

This product was launched during the MECTW show held from 13th to 15th November 2018. “We received an immense response at the exhibition stand and an impressive footfall of potential clients who in the past only trusted multinational companies - an indication that quality, consistency, and hard work would eventually pay back,” says Khaled El-Jisr, General Manager, Belhasa Biotek Solutions. In 2018, the company was awarded the HALAL certification in addition to its long time awarded ISO9001:2015 ang GMP certificates.

“With this new certification, Belhasa Biotek will be one of the very first chemical manufacturers in UAE, which could be the alternative solution for most of the HALAL certified food processing factories, that currently import their chemicals,” adds El-Jisr. Since its re-launch in 2013, and over the next five years, Belhasa Biotek Solutions went from a company with a single disinfectant product and a small portfolio of clients to a company that produces under its roof more than 45 different products, a portfolio of more than 600 customers, and a team of 45. “Our company also produces its own branded chemicals for other suppliers in the UAE and other GCC markets according to their own formulations or formulations created by our own R&D teams that meets both the client’s satisfaction and budgets,” informs El-Jisr. Today, Biotek Belhasa manufactures around 12,000 litres of finished products in a single shift of various cleaning and disinfection chemicals that caters to the HORECA, F&B, and the commercial laundry needs.

Not only does the company supply its clients with the chemicals but it also trains them on the usage, best economical dosing proportion for the best hygiene results, and appoints a dedicated team of technicians that regularly visits the clients on fixed monthly intervals to check the calibrations of the equipment and to ensure correct dosing every time. “Besides, we are proud to say that our delivery timings are one of the bestamongst competition as we guarantee clients a delivery within three working days!” concludes El-Jisr.


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