Cleaning robots take over Birmingham Airport
Date: 21-03-2019

Birmingham Airport has introduced robotic vacuum cleaners into its cleaning programme, in partnership with Mitie Cleaning Services. You can now find Hives of Abbees (robotic vacuums) working in the departure gates at Birmingham Airport. Mitie provides cleaning services throughout the Airport and has introduced the robots into the departure gates as part of the night time vacuuming programme.

The Abbees intelligently guide themselves round the airport and have increased productivity by freeing up staff to focus on more complex tasks. Due to the success of the introduction of the Abbees they are also now used in the Executive Lounges.
The robots are supplied by The Perfect Little Company, an Oxfordshire based business that has developed a simple but effective system for managing multiple robots. This solution for commercial use is now employed in many corporate buildings. Birmingham Airport’s Terminal Operations Manager, Deane Arnold, commented: “We’ve been using the Abbee robots from TPLC for a couple of months now. In addition to it releasing time for the cleaning staff and improving cleaning standards the robots work continuously. Our passengers enjoy watching them work seamlessly around the departure gates."
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