Khidmah wins seven new facilities management contracts
Date: 21-04-2019

 FM firm Khidmah, which was fully acquired by Aldar Properties last year, is looking at more opportunities to boost growth, a top executive told Gulf News in an interview. “We are growing at a good rate and very bullish about the growth. We are winning new contracts and competing with other market players. Because of the work we’ve done, our cost base and how we operate, we are far more competitive to deliver the service” said Khidmah’s Executive Director Stephen Fenn.

The comments come as the Abu Dhabi based firm wins new contracts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Umm Al Quwain to provide FM for World Trade Center, Shining Towers, Al Saadiyat Island, Al Raha beach and Gate Towers in Abu Dhabi and other buildings in Dubai and Umm Al Quwain.
On expansion plans of the company, he said whole GCC region is a potential market, but the company is currently focusing on their operations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. “We believe the whole of the GCC is a 
market that we can expand into and it’s just the case of seeing the right opportunity when it presents itself and then we would take a view if this is something we want to be involved in, but at the moment we have more than enough business and picked up seven contracts in the last few months,” he said.
He also added, “We are mobilising very heavily for some of the coming contracts as well. We will always look at expansion if the opportunity fits in with our goals as a company and objectives.” 
The company currently has over 80 facilities under their management covering residential, retail or commercial properties in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia and is aiming to expand its services to education and health care sectors in future. “This year we‘ve gone through a lot of rationalisation and restructuring and we are looking at several sectors in education, health care where we believe we have expertise and can support these sectors in their ongoing operations and boost our growth.”