The Carpet Cleaning Remedy
Date: 22-04-2019

One of the most complex tasks in housekeeping is the upkeep and cleaning of carpets. A dirty carpet in a guest room, public area or banquet facility will always leave a bad impression on a guest. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that carpets be cleaned immaculately. At the same time, it is not an easy task, especially for the housekeeping department, which is usually challenged with completing daily tasks. Apart from dust, there are various substances like food and drinks, chewing gum, paint and sometimes vomit and urine, which end up on the carpet surface and become a challenge for the cleaning personnel to remove the residue. For a hotel operation, it is always an advantage to have two or more personnel trained in carpet stain removal, providing them with the right cleaning agents, stain removers and tools.

Specialised cleaning 
In larger hotel operations, it is even more practical if a specialised carpet cleaner is on board - someone who is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining of carpets throughout and is also skilled to patch carpets if needed. Besides, a proper stain removal kit is very important. While there are chemicals that are especially designed for carpet cleaning, many of the spotting chemicals, which are used in the laundry, are very useful, too. Every room attendant should have basic knowledge of carpet cleaning. It is a fact that more than 50 per cent of the stains can be removed by simply spraying warm water and dabbing them up with a clean duster. Nevertheless, a spray bottle with a ready diluted carpet-spotting agent must be available in every cleaning caddy in order to remove stains in guest rooms and guest room corridors immediately. If a stain cannot be removed with the common carpet-spotting chemical, then the carpet expert must be called. The expert must be familiar with the type of carpets, i.e. the design and material of the fiber. 
Likewise, room attendants and public area cleaning personnel should be reminded to quickly soak any stains with some warm water in order to dilute the substance. Residues that are drying up on the carpet are very difficult to remove, and sometimes the only remedy is to patch the carpet. 
A periodic maintenance 
programme has to be in place for deep cleaning of the carpets. There are many carpet cleaning methods like bonnet cleaning, dry powder cleaning, spray extraction and steam cleaning. Depending on the carpet design and footfall, the most suitable cleaning method needs to be adapted. Steam cleaning machines seem to be very practical as the carpet dries very quickly and the cleaning is done without any chemicals. If hotels are planning for renovations or upgrading their properties, they should look at the new materials available for carpets in the market, which are stain resistant and easy to clean.