UAE launches anti-cholera campaign in Taiz, Yemen
Date: 05-08-2019


The United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has launched a campaign to treat and prevent cholera epidemic in Al Wazi'iyah District, Taiz Governorate, Yemen according to the Emirates News Agency.

The ERC provided medical assistance distributed to health centres in Al Wazi'iyah District to control and eradicate the cholera epidemic. The six-days anti-cholera campaign will include the cleaning of a number of water wells and draining swamps to get rid of the bacteria carrying the disease. It will also include distributing leaflets to raise the awareness of the people about the causes and symptoms of cholera and the sources of infection and methods of prevention as well as to provide them with medicines and tools for water purification.

The ERC representative in the Red Sea Coast said that urgent intervention was taken to treat cholera patients by sending medical teams and providing necessary medicines to health centres and units. He pointed out that the campaign aims at eradicating the epidemic that threatens the lives of thousands of Yemenis.

For his part, Ahmed Abdo Al Zarafi, Director-General of Al Wazi'iyah District, stated that the emergency intervention by ERC to combat the disease has helped Yemeni families to overcome this disease. The beneficiaries praised the UAE's support in health, education, relief, sectors, among others, that contributed to the normalisation of life and restore stability to all liberated areas of Yemen