Imparting Environmental Practices in Housekeeping
Date: 08-08-2019

With the growing concern over the carbon footprint in the hospitality segment best practices can result in reducing the impact on the environment. Needless to say, the housekeeping department plays a huge role in supporting and implementing these environmental initiatives. For instance, by ensuring strict control of water consumption while cleaning, using diamond pads for marble floor polishing instead of chemical floor shine, segregation of waste and deep cleaning of carpets through steam cleaning machines, the list is long.

Many hotel brands issue comprehensive corporate environmental strategies and regard environmental regulations as a minimum standard. Constant evaluations are undertaken as goals or KPIs are established and every single employee is encouraged to contribute towards these goals. Whether it’s by reducing energy consumption, using less water, and producing less waste, or making environmentally responsible purchase decisions, every small effort counts.

Reuse and innovate

Furthermore, it is important to note that the number of plastic water bottles that are discarded in the bins of a hotel on daily basis still have some water in them. With a little effort the leftover water can be collected in containers and used for indoor or outdoor irrigation. A large hotel group can collect up to 100 l of water daily, which amounts to 36,500 l a year.

Even the laundry departments can recycle the used and discarded linen which will not only benefit the housekeeping department but also for other supporting departments across a hotel operation. Whether it is the engineering department who needs a drop cloth or for banquets needing cotton cloths for polishing cutlery, we can make discards available for everyone who requires them.


Training is of utmost importance when it comes to educating your staff to reuse, recycle and to reduce as they are the ones who use your resources on a daily basis. Basic training like opening the curtains during the day while cleaning, setting a standard temperature for A/C in guest rooms, keeping curtains closed during summer, efficient cleaning with less impact on environment should be a part of their training programmes.