Be'ah launches ‘That's Not Us' campaign in Oman
Date: 21-08-2019

 Be’ah has launched its cleaning campaign called 'That's Not Us' in Salalah, Oman to spread environmental awareness among people.  Al Hassan Al Nabhani, Media and Public relations specialist at Be’ah company, told Times of Oman: "The cleaning campaign 'That's Not Us' started on Sunday 21st July 2019 in Salalah. It aims to spread environmental awareness among the visitors in Dhofar."

"The cleaning campaign included distributing car bins, organizing educational games, and taking to people about the importance of preserving the environment. The campaign targeted different areas in Salalah, some of which are Sahl Ateen, Sahlnout, Darbat, and Salalah airport."



When Al Nabhani was asked about the difficulties that the campaign encountered, he said: "Some people still throw trash outside the bins and leave their waste in some tourist places. The problem is that there is no deterrent for this act."