A battery-powered drone to clean building exteriors launched by Lucid
Date: 28-08-2019

Lucid, a start-up in North Carolina, has developed a drone which can clean the outdoor exteriors of a building up to 120 feet tall, reports Tech Crunch.

Andrew Ashur Co-Founder of Lucid says they originally set out to be the service provider, hiring operators and cleaning the buildings themselves. When they began testing the concept and other companies started reaching out, the team realised they might be better off selling the drone itself.

They’re now starting to rent the drones to companies for $3,000 per month, which includes support, training and maintenance. Rather than pressure washing, the drone “soft washes” the building — be it a house, an office or the campus library — by spraying a cleaning solution that the company says is biodegradable and works on surfaces like brick and limestone.

The operator at the site, unfolds the drone, powers it up, then plugs it into a tank sitting in the back of their work truck. A hose tether runs from the tank to the drone at all times, feeding the low-pressure sprayer while keeping the bulk of the weight down on the ground. The operator handles the drone via remote control.