How can we be truly sustainable?
Date: 14-10-2019

The impact of climate change is felt increasingly day by day. Therefore we need a long term strategy which looks at every angle of our business. We have to move away from our current business practices and towards a green business plan which focusses on our planet and its people, as well as on profit. True sustainability will be difficult to achieve, but there is a lot we can do. We have to test, learn and keep moving on to new strategies. Awareness and encouragement play a vital role in building these new business strategies.

Recently, a terrifying report on Climate Change was released, stating that our world had just about a dozen of years to reverse course on carbon emissions and keep global warming at moderate levels. So looking at a 10 year plan to reduce carbon emissions, waste and plastics and to adapt to more sustainable practices, is actually a plan which kicks in too late.

A hotel which wants to convey to their guest a greater sense of urgency around sustainable issues, needs to go beyond placing a tent card next to the bed asking them to re-use their towels and have their bed linen changed after every second or third night of their stay. Sustainability must be integrated into the guest experience and guests should not feel that their experience or stay is disrupted. To ensure that our sustainability efforts are perceived as a common part of our everyday business, it is important to train our staff on how to communicate these efforts to our customers. So when they speak to the guests, the guests understand why we are doing it.

Perceiving sustainability as an innovation and to be creative to find new solutions will bring your people together to find new opportunities to work on.

Trending sustainability practices:
• Is it possible to adopt to a chemical free cleaning process and still effectively remove soil and germs? Dry Steam might be a good solution. Heat is a validated method of disinfection, given the right temperature, while steam is a good way to getting heat into nooks and niches where dirt and bacteria sit.
• Colour coded microfiber
• In-shower dispenser for guest bath rooms
• In-house water bottling plant
• Elimination of single use plastic: stirrers, straws
• Stepping up water conservation by introducing low-flow aerators in faucets and shower heads
• LED lighting
• Green story telling on Instagram
• Introducing recycled brown bags for deliveries
• Plant based menus
• Soap recycling
• Mobile keys, no more plastic keys