Musanada shares the maintenance operations cost of Abu Dhabi schools
Date: 10-10-2019


The Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, has announced the completion of all its summer maintenance works pertaining to 115 schools across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra at an approximate cost of AED 22 million, reports Emirates News Agency. Musanada’s FM division has in place a strategic plan that addresses maintenance operations throughout the year. According to the company, summer maintenance activities covered 40 schools in Abu Dhabi at a total cost of AED12 million, 53 schools in Al Ain at a total cost of AED 5.1 million and 22 schools in the Al Dhafra region at a total cost of AED 4.9 million.

Musanada noted that the total number of schools covered by periodical maintenance activities throughout the year amounted to 281 schools, including 129 in Abu Dhabi, 121 in Al Ain city and 31 schools in the Al Dhafra region. The works included preventive maintenance for air conditioning units, electric panels, alarm and firefighting equipment, safety and control equipment and surveillance cameras; periodical maintenance works pertaining to swimming pools and bathrooms; cleaning of water tanks as per the applicable regulations and requirements; maintenance of lifts and validation of the conditions of the technical inspection to be carried out by a specialised company, in addition to the maintenance of building management systems.

The company added that its FM division has completed renovation works at the Al Yarmouk School in Abu Dhabi at a total cost of AED7.5 million. Musanada implements preventive and predictive maintenance programmes, accurately following operation and maintenance processes as per the SFG20 standards. The Ministry of Education (MoE) praised the generous support extended by the national leadership, aimed at providing a leading educational environment across all the schools in the UAE.