U&U Business Solutions partners with The Ashkin Group
Date: 20-11-2019

U&U Business Solutions has announced its partnership agreement with the US-based The Ashkin Group, a professional corporation specialised in consulting and certification services along with providing educational courses adhering to green cleaning. The Ashkin Group provides services like certified courses classes, seminars and workshops.

This partnership will be delivering the following solutions in the Middle East i.e. Certified Green Cleaning courses for various levels in an organisation like Certified Green Cleaning Trainer, Certified Green Cleaning Supervisor and Certified Green Cleaning Operators as well as Product Standards for cleaning chemicals, disinfectants and sanitizers, hand soap, sanitary papers and plastic liners. It will also offer Green Cleaning Certification for service providers including green commercial office building cleaning, green school cleaning, green healthcare cleaning and green sport facility cleaning. All certifications and certificates will be delivered by The Ashkin Group.

The Ashkin Group is led by Stephen P. Ashkin who has more than 35 years in the cleaning industry and has become the leading figure in the global Green Cleaning Movement. Ashkin's background includes serving as a member of the US Technical Advisory Group developing ISO 14000 and Chairman of the US national standard ASTM E-1971 Standard Guide on Stewardship for Cleaning Commercial and Institutional Buildings. He was a founding member of both the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge and the US Green Building Council.

In addition he has written four books, 1,000 plus magazine articles and spoken at over 300 conferences all on issues related to green cleaning. Today, Ashkin is thought of as the "Father of Green Cleaning".