Planning your cyclic cleaning schedule
Date: 15-12-2019

The New Year is around the corner and therefore more of a reason to start something afresh. A cyclic cleaning programme for guest rooms is easy to implement in order to ensure all areas - especially hard-to-reach areas, or areas that do not require daily cleaning - are being cleaned within an adequate period of time.

The cyclic cleaning schedule ensures cleanliness of all areas in the guest rooms at any given time. How is it implemented? First, a list of all items and areas that do not require daily cleaning is compiled:

• Vacuum under the bed and behind/front of the bed board

• Clean bedside table under the glass

• Change pillow protector

• Change mattress encasing

• Vacuum behind TV cabinet

• Clean mini bar inside and behind

• Wash bath room walls

• In-room window cleaning

• Vacuum carpet corners and wooden wall skirting

• Vacuum entrance ceiling wood work

• Clean all electric wires and phone cables

• Remove drawers and clean behind them

• Polish wooden floor • Polish marble floor

• Perform high dusting

• Special assignment as per need

The frequencies at which these areas must be cleaned needs to be determined, usually a time span of three months is adequate to complete the entire set of tasks. Depending on the need, tasks might be scheduled to be repeated every two months if required. The final programme is posted on the Planning Board. Three to four rooms may be given out daily to each room attendant as a specific assignment. The team leader or supervisor is responsible for assigning the rooms daily and to cross check that the task has been carried out satisfactorily.

For every assignment, a Housekeeper’s Report form can be used as a tick-off list. This must be duly filled in by the Team Leader or Supervisor on a daily basis after the task has been checked for completion.

Once one cycle has been completed, the next cycle will start from the beginning. What applies here to a hotel’s guest room can be applied to any other area as well. This kind of cyclic cleaning schedule can be tailored to cleaning your offices or even for your own home.

About the Author:

Tatjana Ahmed is the Chairwoman of the UAE Professional Housekeepers’ Group. She is also the Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt Dubai and a Functional Specialist with the group.