Israeli teens win silver at robotics Olympics in Dubai for ocean-cleaning robot
Date: 15-12-2019

A group of high school students from Israel returned victorious from the FIRST Global Challenge held in Dubai, winning a silver medal for their robot which they built to aid the global effort to clean the oceans, according to TPS news agency. The Israeli team qualified for the final stage of the international competition with the highest possible rank, following nine consecutive wins.

They won four medals in total, including the silver medal in the finals. In addition, the team received a special medal for exceptional help to other groups. The various delegations competed with robots they developed to address the global issue of ocean waste. The teams were graded based on their robot’s ability to collect as many waste items as possible from an oceanlike arena. The Israel FIRST delegation consisted of five Megiddo regional high school students from the north and was sponsored by the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge took place in Dubai.

Prior to the delegation’s departure for Dubai, Education Minister Rafi Peretz said, “The impressive achievement of our national robotics team brings great pride to the Israeli education system and the entire State of Israel. Beyond its educational importance, the competition is an important opportunity for Israel in the technological and political aspects as well.”