New cleaning vehicle for the Grand Mosque
Date: 15-01-2020

President of the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais has launched the new vehicle (Saha) for the cleaning of the Grand Mosque and its outside plazas, according to Makkah Daily. Sheikh Sudais personally drove one of the new vehicles to check its effectiveness in cleaning, purging and drying up admiring the characteristics of Saha which contains the services of various cleaning cars in one vehicle.

Saha has two sizes. The largest one weighs 2.5 ton and is used for cleaning the outside plazas while the smaller one weighs 800 kg and will be used to clean the Grand Mosque from inside. The vehicle is supplied with an electronic screen to measure the level of water so as to pull it out and dry it. It automatically mixes all the cleaning devices and the type of the requested service in order to perform its job easily and effectively. The machine is environmentfriendly, with low sound and is designed to work for six to seven hours at a stretch. It uses lithium batteries instead of fuel.