Clean-up campaign held at Athiaba Beach, Oman
Date: 15-01-2020

A beach clean-up campaign was organized at Athaiba Beach on December 7, 2019 to conserve the local environment and create public awareness about environment protection. The event was organized by Techno Plastics Industry. A number of volunteers participated in the event. Children also took part in the cleaning campaign, their excitement and enthusiasm boosted everyone.

There were local volunteers who helped clean up the beach, collected bottles, plastic bags, waste etc. “For a lot of us, the beach is our happy place. It’s where we go to soak up the sun, to frolic in the water, or to take long walks to help us mull over major decisions. Naturally, we feel a little protective of our beaches. We’re shocked to see that some people don’t care as much about our beaches as we do. When we spot trash and debris littering our beloved beaches, it’s upsetting—not only because it damages the beauty of the beach, but also because it hurts the fragile ecosystems that call the beach home”, a volunteer said.