Partnership develops autonomous stand-on vacuum cleaner
Date: 15-01-2020

A new autonomous floor care solution is coming to market by way of a partnership between Kärcher, a provider of cleaning technology worldwide, and Brain Corp, a San Diego-based AI and robotics company. The initial product resulting from the collaboration will be the Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications (‘KIRA’) CV 60/1 RS Chariot, the industry’s first autonomous stand-on, professional vacuum cleaner powered by BrainOS. Kärcher will license BrainOS, Brain Corp’s software technology, for the production, deployment and support of this new cleaning solution.

“I am pleased that another building block has now been added to our global robotics strategy: our partner Brain Corp will help us launch the world's first autonomous standon vacuum cleaner in the near future,” says Marco Cardinale, Vice President of Floorcare Solutions at Kärcher. “We designed the KIRA Chariot from the ground-up for autonomous operation, delivering bestin- class efficiency, reliability and mobility


In addition to the award-winning product concept of our KIRA B 50 autonomous scrubber drier, the new machine ideally complements our goals in the field of robotic floor cleaning solutions.” KIRA Chariot will include several innovations: lithium-ion battery technology that provides longer run-times, a HEPA filtration system, and the capacity to clean large areas while still being able to maneuver in tight, dynamic spaces.

Users of the machine can leverage the vacuum’s robotic capabilities by utilizing a simple and intuitive “teach and repeat” approach, allowing for easy deployment and seamless updates to the cleaning routes as the environment changes. The KIRA Chariot will operate in both autonomous and manual modes, and will be available for sale in 2020.

BrainOS became commercially available in 2015 and enables original equipment manufacturers to integrate autonomous capabilities into their machines, regardless of formfactor size or application. BrainOS powered robots currently operate across geographies and operating environments that include retailers, warehouses, airports, shopping malls and school campuses.