ADNEC invests in autonomous cleaning bots for support services
Date: 26-02-2020

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company (ADNEC) has invested in autonomous robots called AvidBot to clean and maintain its exhibitions centre, in line with its mission to promote sustainability and implement clean technologies. The robots clean floors using less water than cleaning manually.

In addition, the AvidBot also works discreetly, keeping the floors clean without visitors being made aware of the maintenance taking place on site. ADNEC is the first firm in the region to use the AvidBot version 1.7, which is not only smarter and faster than the previous generation robots, but also comes with a 3D sincere camera.

Commenting on the introduction of the autonomous cleaning robots, the Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of ADNEC, HE Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, said: “During SIAL Middle East 2019, the robot has allowed visitors to enjoy the clean space throughout the day. ADNEC is committed to sustainable initiatives and the AvidBot is another way in which we have continued to demonstrate this.”

Al Dhaheri added:“ADNEC aims to be a driving force in the UAE’s commitment to innovation, sustainable initiatives and environmental strategy as we constantly strive to be at the top of our game in terms of implementing ideas, initiatives and processes to help us achieve both energy and water conservation and a circular economy and we have been focusing on this for many years now.