Jeddah launches project to promote volunteerism in cleaning
Date: 26-02-2020

The ‘Friends of Jeddah’ project is a set of initiatives and programs to promote volunteerism. It was set up by the Jeddah governorate and is intended to develop and instil the values of citizenship by setting up volunteer work teams and organizing activities to achieve sustainable development.

Initiatives include ‘Yadan bi Yad Nartaqi’ (hand in hand we advance) aimed at beautifying the city by planting seedlings, painting sidewalks and chairs, and cleaning the beach. ‘Bi Aydina Jammalnaha’ (with our hands we beautified it) aimed at removing graffiti that causes visual pollution.

The project as a whole promotes awareness of Jeddah’s cleanliness, the importance of preserving public facilities, and making residents accountable for their role and participation in the development of their city.