UAE sterilisation drive - 'Residents must stay home
Date: 26-03-2020

UAE authorities addressed the media on 26 March 2020  to release details of the sterilisation drive, aimed to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country, which is to take place over the weekend starting at 8pm on Thursday.

Residents have been directed to stay indoors at all times during this time, limiting movement strictly and to not leave their homes except to buy food, basic essentials and medicines. Only those who work in vital sectors, such as energy, telecommunications, public media, health, security and police sectors, should leave their homes.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, official spokesperson for the UAE health sector, addressed local media on Thursday. Residents have been directed to stay indoors from 8pm on Thursday to 6am on Sunday.

She added that whoever does not comply with these directives will pay a fine and/or face prison time. Brigadier Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Ahmad from the Ministry of Interior added: Deterrent measures will be taken including fines and imprisonment against those who violate the national disinfection program instructions. We urge the public to cooperate with the relevant authorities.

The sterilisation will be conducted on public transport services including Dubai Metro, tram, taxis, buses etc. and all other public or private spaces and roads. The drive will happen in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Ministry of Interior.

Throughout the sterilisation period, traffic and public movement will be restricted, and public transport and metro services suspended. Dr Hosani urged the public to avoid gatherings of family and friends. This applies to family events, family majlis, desert outings etc.