GP 1/27 HEPA ISO5 vacuum cleaner from IP Cleaning S.r.l.

The GP 1/27 HEPA ISO5 is a high filtration special vacuum cleaner offering the best efficiency of the air filtration through high performant cartridges, and a safe containtment of collected materials by the use of M-class microfiber bags, that collects 99 per cent vacuumed stuff. It is also equipped with an additional cartridge for the engine cooling air, besides the one for the intake air, so allowing to increase and/or decrease the engine power. Also, the cartridge for the engine cooling air prevents the fine dust from spreading into the environment. Lastly, the vacuum cleaner is entirely made of antibacterial plastic blend that drastically limits bacterial proliferation, reducing the spread of microorganisms in the environment. The filters are composed of sanitising materials. Besides, electromagnetic interferences are very limited, so that the vacuum cleaner can work in healthcare environments without any interference with medical devices.

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