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BlueEdition by JENSEN Senking Universal
BlueEdition by JENSEN Senking Universal
JENSEN revolutionised the market with the Senking Universal and set a milestone in the tunnel washer technology with the development of the BlueEdition. The BlueEdition is designed to wash mainly lightly soiled textiles of the same category, so that all water can be reused in the process. The result is lowest water consumption thanks to the patented rinse process for
quickest dilution and the outstanding recovery concept. The water and chemical supply are based on actual batch weights resulting in very low consumption values. It is the most versatile tunnel washer to date featuring internal energy and water recycling. 
The BlueEdition has an extra tank with filter that takes the water from the second bath exchange back into the pre-wash instead of using reclaimed press water. This reduces the total water consumption as more press water can be reused in the rinse zone, so less fresh water needs to be added. In addition, the machine has two LintEx filters to improve the quality of the water to be reclaimed and to take the higher reclamation rate into account. These filters remove the lint automatically and in addition the dirt that is bound in the lint. By increasing the filtration by two filters, the dirt removal is higher and thus less chemicals need to be supplied. This saves money and allows a shorter rinse flow as less chemicals need to be rinsed out. As a plus, less fresh water is needed.
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