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Fayfa Chemicals launches Bangrease
Fayfa Chemicals launches Bangrease

Bangrease by Fayfa Chemicals is a powerful heavy-duty water based, alkaline detergent containing solvents. Its alkalinity along with the solvents helps in the quick and efficient removal of dirt, oil and grease from floors, walls and equipment. It is a low viscosity yellow coloured liquid which is non-flammable and readily miscible with water in all proportions.

Bangrease is formulated to rapidly emulsify oil and grease and rinse freely from surfaces without redepositing contamination. A built-in foam additive allows Bangrease to be used for foam cleaning and the product is buffered to maintain an alkaline pH at use concentrations. When used as recommended for specific situations it is safe to use on aluminium and soft metals. The surfactants used are biodegradable. However, it is advised to not use concentrated solutions of Bangrease on aluminium or its alloys.

The product is ideally suited for the cleaning of floors and walls of garages, service stations, ports, oil drilling rigs, ship decks and other areas where generally there are heavy deposits of dirt and grease. It can also be used for the spray cleaning of machines in the oil industry. Its ability to readily dissolve with sea water, make it an ideal product for offshore degreasing operations. It is also recommended in the cleaning of all metallic surfaces depending on proper dilution rates, especially for the clean-up of garbage and litter bins.

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