In-Focus: Oman
In-Focus: Oman

Al Ariq Equipment, a 100 per cent Omani company began its operations in 2003. The cleaning division focuses on cleaning equipment, waste handling systems, washroom hygiene and specialized utility vehicles. Nikson Mathew, the Divisional Manager at Al Ariq Equipment talks about the cleaning & FM Industry in Oman, how it has evolved over the years, sustainability, and the service market in the region.

The cleaning & FM industry

Oman’s FM market has witnessed bigger growth over the past few years. The government initiatives such as having more tourism projects and logistics facilities have created more opportunities for both the FM and cleaning industries. The growth in new infrastructure projects has been in the limelight for the last few years. This will have a very positive growth impact for cleaning and facility management companies.

Current market scenario

The cleaning industry is diverse in Oman; some businesses focus on specialty cleaning such as windows or floors, others on general residential or commercial cleaning. The market is well guided with the availability of resources like manpower, equipment and strength to meet the requirements for both. There are some opportunities for new companies in this field since there is a vacuum for supply and demand. The best franchise opportunities are likely to be in specialty cleaning services that have a greater opportunity to differentiate themselves and are less likely to face local competition.


Al Ariq has always been in the forefront to maintain the key role in adopting sustainability within its supply and services. It may be noted that green cleaning is a marketplace phenomenon in Oman that is being driven by customer demand and the overall trending of the broad marketplace for environment friendly products and services. Both home and business owners are increasingly getting conscious of the chemicals used in their space, and cleaning services that focus on non-toxic supplies and processes have been gaining popularity in Oman.

Latest technologies

Cleaning has come in long way; the municipalities and FM contractors have mechanised their deliverables fully adopting the latest, most environment friendly products. For example, the suction sweeping system was very popular in the past, which is now replaced with Dulevo Mechanical Suction System, observing the highest dust filtration, which results in no dust in the air while sweeping. Robotic cleaning solutions are not common in Oman. We have been proposing robotic scrubber driers in the market, and we hope that this will soon be a reality in this region.

Service market

The FM and service industry in this region is very promising since the GCC countries are at par with the level of hygiene standards. Oman has always set the highest level of cleaning when it comes to its streets and properties. Muscat Municipality plays a major role in keeping its streets clean and observing the follow up of standards and regulations set for the property’s cleaning and hygiene.

About Al Ariq Equipment

We represent premium brands like Ecolab, Dulevo, Factorycat, Fimap etc. With 15 years presence in Oman Al Ariq has always tried to bring in revolutionary products in the market this includes the green cleaning concept maintained with Tecnovap Steam Cleaning equipment and the waterless sweeping technology from Dulevo International. We believe in focusing on the total solutions for the customers rather than just supply, this helps in keeping Al Ariq’s position as the most preferred supply partner among the cleaning and FM contractors.

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